HAO Jingfang & WANG Lingjie


Wang Lingjie was born in 1984 in Shanghai and Hao Jingfang was born in 1985 in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province. They both studied industrial design at the same university where they got to know each other. And then, they advanced their studies in France together. After graduation, the two decided to stay in France, focusing on their own works. Since 2009, their works have been exhibited in the Palais de Tokyo (Palace of Tokyo) in Paris, Centre National d’Art et de Culture Georges-Pompidou (Georges-Pompidou National Center of Art and Culture), other art museums, different galleries and art institutions in Germany and Switzerland, etc. They currently reside in France; however, since the increase of attention and exhibitions in China, they often fly back and forth. Lingjie Wang and Jingfang Hao ‘s works are often related to the minor changes in the natural world. Their main media include installations, videos, etc.