Salon Amours V


No love is “foreign” to us because man has more in common than differences. Madame Butterfly, Carmen, those are not foreign to us. A human love is never “foreign” to another human.

Hence the stupidity of Nations and their laws, their borders, their territories traced in pencil on old maps.

You can make a circle of fire to chase away wolves but not men, nor women.

Who knows if this judge is not sending away the love of his life by deporting this Congolese woman to a country she no longer wants? Who knows if this Russian is not murdering his cousin by killing this young Ukrainian?

Love has no borders, no social class, no master, no god, love is anarchist.

That being said, it is impossible to love everyone at the same time and the galleries only have four walls, hence the difficult choices for this fifth show, especially since there were numerous applications. The absence of a CV may play a role, but a CV is a source of exclusion and arbitrary elitism. In this salon inspired by the salons of yesteryear, the choice falls first on the works and on the unknown, the newcomer.

In a free and democratic country, international preference must be exercised; openness is the sine qua non condition of love.

Welcome to love!

(Text by: Laurent Quénéhen)

Selected artists :

Céline Achour, Nadia Akremi, Loïc Alsina, Pauline Andreu, Frédérique Athenaïs Dalmore, Aysel, Rita Bagha, Jérémy Bajulaz, Adriana Balazova, Mariana Bankova, Olivia Barani, Sarah Barthe, Myriam Baudin, Françoise Beal, Tamina Beausoleil, Nathalie Bibougou, Jérémy Bindi & Céline Turlotte, Régina Blaim, Sasha C. Bokobza , Mauro Bordin, Marie-Jeanne Caprasse, Nancy Caramello Cyneye, Marcos Carrasquer, Elsa Cha, Emilie Chaix, Claire Chalet, Chloé Chauvin, Shulea Cheang, François Cheng, Dana Danger, Ayako David Kawauchi, Marielle Degioanni, Harold Denneulin, Michel Devoisin Lagarde, Laure Djourado, Dliss, Elise Doss, Delphine Epron, Juliette Filippi, Dominique Forest, Aurélie Galois, Soline Garry, Justine Gasquet, Julien Griffaud, Guacolda, Florence Guillemot, Qin Han, Jean-Michel Hannecart, Alexandre Hassan, Séverine Hettinger, Ekaterina Igorevna, Joko, Chloé Julien, Corinne Jullien, Thomas Julliot Decker, Katia Kameneva, Clara Kaminka, Lyonel Kouro, Margaux Laurens-Neel, Sophie Lecomte, Frédéric Léglise, Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Sandra Martagex, Samuel Martin, Hélène Milakis, Mireï l.r., Marc Molk, Marie Mouysset, Marie-Christine Mozas, Kim Nezzar, Rosalie Oakman, Nassera Ouhrani, François Paris, Joël Person, Marianne Pradier, Christian Prunello, Vincent Puren, Virginie Restain, Jeanne Rimbert, Stella Rinke, Ruimin Ma, Federica de Ruvo, Dana Sereda, Alice Sfintesco, Marianne Smolska, Pierre Soria, Fanny Stauff, Anne-Claire Thevenot, Thibaud Thiercelin, Nils Thornander, Lou Tian, Albertine Trichon, Uter, Anne Van der Linden, Pierre Van Hove, Benjamin Vanbremeersch, Pierre Van Hove, Finna Varachkova, Isabelle Vernier, Anne-Sophie Viallon, Josette Vigneau, Jojo Wang, Zhangchi Wang, Pascale Weber, Charlie Wellecam, Esther Wuhrlin, Xia Wuke, Sophie Yin, Manman Zheng, Emira Zohrehnejad

Curator : Laurent Quénéhen

Independent exhibition curator (member of C.E.A) and art critic for the magazine artpress (member of AICA), president of the associations Brigade des Images (short film programming) and les salaisons (exhibitions at the art space les salaisons in Romainville from 2007 to 2015 and itinerant since June 2015).

espace temps

98 rue Quincampoix 75003 Paris
Opening : 14th Februrary – 6pm
Open from February 15 to 18, 2024, 11am – 7pm